Think You Know The Ducks? Take The Quiz

June 25th, 2013

The Anaheim Ducks where first introduced in 1993 as the Anaheim Mighty Ducks by the Walt Disney Company. Throughout their 20 year history, they have won a Stanley Cup final and have reached the playoffs 8 times. Are you a true die-hard Duck fan? Take the quiz below and see how you stack up!

1. What Year Did the Anaheim Ducks win their first and only Stanley Cup final?
2. What is the name of the Anaheim Ducks home arena?
3. Name the two minor league affiliates of the Anaheim Ducks.I was looking for more information Read the rest of this entry »

How the Mighty Ducks Were Started

June 20th, 2013

If you got your television through then you might have seen the Mighty Ducks movies. Ever wondered how the actual team started?

The Anaheim Ducks were founded by The Walt Disney Company in 1993. The team was known as the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim – the film, “The Mighty Ducks,” was released by the company in 1992 – until the club’s name was changed in 2006 a year after Disney sold the team. The highlight of the club’s history came on June 6, 2007, when Anaheim won its first Stanley Cup. Fans enjoyed watching when the Ducks completed a 4-1 Stanley Cup Finals victory with a 6-2 win that evening.

Anaheim also had an outstanding playoff run in 2003 as the Mighty Ducks fell just one win short of claiming their first Stanley Cup. A convincing 5-2 home win for the Ducks in game six that forced a seventh game in the series was an exciting moment for those at the arena. Anaheim first made the Stanley Cup Playoffs in its fourth attempt. The Mighty Ducks knocked off the Phoenix Coyotes in a memorable seven-game series in 1997 before getting swept by the Detroit Red Wings in the following round.

The Anaheim Ducks have played in the Honda Center throughout the club’s entire history. The facility was named the Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim from 1993-2006. Anaheim is a perfect 6-0 in Stanley Cup Finals games played in the facility. Anaheim fans exploded in celebration at the end of two consecutive games when the Mighty Ducks won games three and four of the 2003 Finals in sudden-death overtime.

Which Anaheim Ducks Do You Most Admire?

April 20th, 2013

With the Anaheim Ducks getting off to their best start since they won it all in 2007, two players in particular deserve to be recognized for their outstanding on-ice performances. First, Corey Perry: once a Duck, always a Duck right-winger Perry has been with the team since starting his career in 2003 and continues to be a strong opposing force on the ice. His league leading 50 goals during the ’10-’11 season puts him in with an elite class of players, while his hard work and dedication will likely help the Ducks down the stretch of this Read the rest of this entry »

You Can Keep The Ducks Alive: Supporting The Team

June 17th, 2012

There is a lot for Anaheim Ducks fans to be proud of. The team has earned a place in modern culture and has been featured in movies and cartoons across the world. The franchise is not going anywhere. This is because of the dedication of fans the world over.

Ducks in Social Media
Make sure to do your part to keep the Anaheim Ducks alive. Visit their social networking sites and take the time to “follow” and “like” their pages. This simple action will help them keep a presence in the media. There are also fan clubs and online hubs Read the rest of this entry »

The Anaheim Ducks Give Back To The Community

September 9th, 2011

For fans of the Anaheim Ducks, not only do you have a great sports team to cheer for on the ice, but they are a great organization which is always constantly giving back to the community and the fans, in every way possible, in order to show their graditude for the fans support. Whether they are holding a summer camp to teach the local children in clinics and hold games, or whether they are holding a fund raising event for a specific charity organization, Read the rest of this entry »

What To Expect At A Ducks Game

August 28th, 2011

The ice comes alive as you feel the raw emotion and strength of the crowd and the game hasn’t even started yet. Being at an Anaheim Ducks game is like nothing you have ever experienced. With the best fans in the National Hockey League the Anaheim Ducks are ready to take all comers and as a fan you should be ready for an experience unrivaled by any other sporting event you have ever been to. You Read the rest of this entry »

The Most Memorable Anaheim Ducks Goals

August 10th, 2011

In game six of the 2003 Stanley Cup Finals, the Ducks found themselves down three games to two and facing elimination. Paul Kariya, captain of the Ducks, was the victim of a vicious hit earlier in game six by Scott Stevens. Showing the heart of a champion and captain, Kariya returned to the game with a vengeance. With about 2:45 left in the second period, Kariya pounced on a puck around center ice with some room to skate. Displaying his quick skating ability, he sharply moved Read the rest of this entry »

Duck’s Go To Bat For Sick Kids

April 22nd, 2011

Satellite TV service gives you access to great NHL games throughout the season. If you were watching one particular game in March 2011, you might have seen a special event.

Tommy Conforti is just like many other children. Tommy is from Florence, Italy, where he loved to play soccer, loved surfing, was a great student getting straight A’s and has recently learned to play ballads on an acoustic guitar. However, Tommy has a huge difference. He has leukemia which is robbing him of his eyesight, causing him a lot of pain, and may in the end take his life.

However, none of that mattered on Monday, March 14, 2011 as he got to be the hero in the Duck’s losing effort against the Vancouver Canucks. That night Tommy got to attend his first hockey match and was treated like a king for the night. He got to drop the puck, ride the Zamboni and visit the locker room after the game.

For five years now the team has been huge supporters of the Children’s Hospital of Orange County. In the past they have raised 400,000 for the hospital. 45 of the 75 players have made visits to the hospital. Many of the players visit the hospital on their own time, without any cameras rolling. The players are not the only ones that get involved. Their wives do, too. For the last five years they have held a fashion show each year, which has turned into a very popular community event.

Packed Close in the Pacific

December 21st, 2010

With less than two thirds of the season left to play, most divisions seem to fall into at least some semblance of top to bottom order with a substantial chunk of schedule now in the rear view mirror. The exception? The Pacific Division of the Western Conference. Of the 5 teams termed “Pacific,” though Dallas and Phoenix might rightly maintain geographic gripes, all 5 teams look potent enough at this juncture to finish first, thus equally in danger of a last place result.Taking a look around the league, at least one team in every other division has gone belly-up or lightning speed forward through the early slate of games. With confidence it can be determined the neither the New York Islanders nor the New Jersey Devils (surprising, this early at least) will win the Atlantic, the Leafs and Senators are extreme long shots at best in the Northeast, the Panthers and Canes can call it a year in the Southeast, Detroit is comfortably atop the Central, and the Oilers seem to have tragically spilled all over the Northwest. Meanwhile, the Ducks, Stars, Kings, Sharks and Coyotes, while they may not blow away any onlookers in the win column, have put together remarkably solid seasons from top to bottom. Read the rest of this entry »

Will Kariya Rejoin the Flock?

August 19th, 2010

With good friend and long time teammate Teemu Selanne re-upping with Anaheim for one more season, rumor has it Paul Kariya is seriously considering making his own prodigal return to Anaheim. Kariya, who first played for the Ducks in 1994-95, spent his first 9 NHL season in Anaheim, during 7 of which he served as the team’s captain. In 2004, Kariya promised to bring a Stanley Cup to Anaheim, though he has yet to play a game with Ducks since making the proclamation. At the end of his 9 year tenure in Anaheim, Kariya and former GM Byran Murray allegedly reached a verbal agreement in which Kariya would take a pay cut in order for more high-caliber acquisitions to help the team better chase the Cup. However, during the ensuing off-season, Kariya chose to sign with the Colorado Avalanche, who also signed Selanne, re-uniting the friends and line mates for the first time since 2000-2001. Read the rest of this entry »